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Dedicated Whatsapp Group with the designers, project leaders and yourself during entire building of your site

Unlimited photos, documents and webspace on all packages

Servers that are industry standard with less than 0.01%  downtime

Security that banks use.

Reporting so that you know what is happening, where and when, at all times

Backups into the cloud to ensure your emails and data is never lost


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LifeTime Support

From the moment you sign up for the life time that you website is hosted with us we will provide support. Everything from updating of software to editing of text, changing or adding new images, design or changes you want on your site. Basically a full time website  administrator / designer on call to manage your site (so you dont have to). At no extra cost to you

No Hidden Costs

Nothing is more annoying than buying a product or service for a price only to be told you need to pay extra to get this or that. So we guarantee that there will be no hidden  / extra charges for the services listed per for each package

We will build your  business website  and support you for life

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Life time support

What this means is that for the life time that your Insider is hosted with us you will have a support team in place to make changes, update and monitor your website…Means you don’t have to pay more for this or any edits / enhancements.